Cretan Rusks

The Cretan rusk has been around since ancient times, even consumed during the Minoan era. Today, it has a significant place in Cretans' diet, as the first “mass-produced” food product.

Cretan Rusks are made completely from natural ingredients (cereals, mainly barley and wheat) with high nutritional value, rich in vitamins, fibers and essential amino-acids, for a strong immune system. They can be the perfect snack since they are tasty and crunchy, even served as a light meal when adding pure olive oil, fresh tomato and on top feta cheese, olive slices and oregano.


Our producer specializes in traditional bakery products for over 15 years, maintaining the hand-made form of products. The two factories, based in Crete, make products of high quality by using pure ingredients, in accordance with the regulations of quality management & food safety management systems.

 Traditional Cretan Rusks                          Traditional Cretan Breadsticks
• Barley (PGI) • Barley
• Barley roll (PGI) • Sesame
• Wheat (PGI) • Sunflower seeds
• Rye (PGI) • Kalamata Olive paste
• Type of Kithira
• Mini Rusks
Packaging: Bags of 400gr – 480gr
– 600gr – 650gr

Packaging: Bags of 330gr –
340gr – 360gr

 Traditional Cretan Cookies             Traditional Cretan Croutons
• Sesame                                             • Barley
• Almonds • Wheat
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil • Kalamata Olive paste
• Anise Flavor • Garlic flavor
• Cretan Pure Olive Oil
Packaging: Bags of 250gr – 300gr Packaging: Bags of 180gr – 200gr


ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 22000:2005

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) rusk production

Standardization of quality and safety


Private Label