Greek Cheese

Greek Cheese is produced in a wide range of flavors, textures and forms. It is valued for its portability, long life, protein, calcium and phosphorus.

According to Greek mythology, Aristaios, Apollo’s son, taught humans how to make cheese. Based on ancient Greek literature, the art of cheese production has been existed in Greece since 4,000 BC. with Feta and kaseri being the oldest cheeses in the world.

Today, Greece is a country where different cheese types are produced with the most traditional and qualitative way. Greeks consume a total of 25kg of cheese per person per year, far more than any other nation in the world.


Our supplier is one of the largest producers of dairy products in Greece.
The 50.000 m2 privately owned factory is located in Elassona, at the foot of mount Olympus, famous for its tradition in cheese making, with ideal conditions for healthy and qualitative stock-breeding that produces fine raw material (milk).

Ideally matching traditional production methods with technological excellence and 85-year experience, the supplier offers top quality cheeses with respect to the Greek Mediterranean diet and culture.


Range & Packaging

We can supply you the following types of Cheese:
• Feta P.D.Ο. - from 100% Sheep & Goat milk
• White Cheeses
Manouri P.D.O. - from 100% Sheep & Goat milk
White cheese - from 100% Cow Milk
• Hard Cheeses
Kefalotyri - from 100% Sheep & Goat milk
Kefalotyri - from 100% Cow milk
Graviera - from 100% Sheep & Goat milk
• Semi-Hard Cheeses
Kaseri P.D.O. - from 100% Sheep & Goat milk
Semi-Hard cheese - from 100% Cow milk
Semi-Hard cheese - from 50% Sheep & Goat milk & 50% Cow milk

Packaging: Vacuum – Plastic Bowl – Wheel Block – Rectangular Block - Tin
Size: 200gr - 400gr - 900gr – 1kg - 2kg - 4kg - 8kg - 15kg


Since 1999 the company applies certified Quality Control Systems that meet the EN ISO 9001 guidelines and ΗACCP CODEX ALIMENTARIUS.


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