Albert Einstein quoted that “If something eliminated bees from the planet, mankind would perish within 4 years. Honey gives energy to the muscles, regulates the digestive system, relieves internal disorders, sore throat and has beneficial effects on heart.

Greek honey is considered to be one of the best in the world. The Greek terrain offers a wide range of nectar sources (herbs, flowers, trees) available to honeybees. At the same time, Greek beekeepers, with their high level of professionalism, relocate the beehives several times a year in order to get the most out of the floral varieties.


We represent companies that respect the very honey itself, strongly engaged in the collection, inspection and packaging of the best crops. Ultimately, all types of honey are unique in colour and thickness, with distinct aroma, authentic taste and all nutrition for a daily well-balanced diet.



• Thyme
• Elatis
• Comb
• Wildflower
• Conifer
• Chios mastic
• Thorn


Glass jar, Vase round, Vase cubic, Can


140gr - 250gr - 380gr - 400gr - 450gr 

500gr - 720gr - 750gr - 800gr - 900gr - 950gr


HACCP - ISO 22000:2005
certified for Packaging & Trade



The Honey we offer has won international recognition for its taste and quality.


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