In ancient Greece marmalade was known as “melomeli”, used both as a preserve and a reputed remedy for digestive reasons.  

Marmalade can provide several nutrients that your body needs. Each tablespoon serving can provide substantial proportion of elements like minerals and dietary fibres, all derived from the values of the fruits contained in the final product.

The Greek marmalades are made from the purest raw materials. They can be used for cooking sophisticated dishes and as the ideal spread for breakfast breads, pancakes, waffles and even ice cream toppings.


All marmalades are based on 85% fresh fruits, straight from the Greek countryside, preserving the "freshness" and nutrients of the fruit. These natural products are hand prepared, combining the art of home-making process with the use of modern technological equipment. You will surely taste this commitment in every jar, with a vibrant taste and a delightful texture!

 Authentic                                           Organic
• Strawberry • Strawberry
• Orange • Orange
• Apricot • Apricot
• Peach & Orange • Peach
• Plum & Peach • Fig
• Mandarin • Bergamot
• Fig • Grapefruit
• Bergamot
• Lemon
• Grapefruit
Packaging: Glass Jars of 40gr - 250gr Packaging: Glass Jars of 225gr

 Light (up to 30% less calories)             Chocospreads (Dark chocolate
and fresh fruits, Gluten Free)
• Strawberry                                             • Strawberry
• Orange • Orange
• Apricot • Banana
• Peach • Morello & Cherry
• Morello & Cherry
Packaging: Glass Jars of 270gr Packaging: Glass Jars of 40gr & 280gr


EN ISO 22000: 2005 certified for bottling and trading

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

Organic certification

Standardization of quality and safety




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