Spices & herbs, according to archaeologists, existed from the beginning of hieroglyphic practice.  They have substantial antioxidant activity which can act as natural food preservatives, leading to a higher nutritional content in stored food.

Greece is famous for its unique spices and herbs. Its landscape contributes to an impressive number of natural growing products like chamomile, mountain tea, thyme, oregano and basil. Their excellent quality and daily use defined Greek traditional cooking.


We represent the top manufacturer in the category, with a history of over 40 years, the largest variety of spices and herbs in the market and the trust from all Greek consumers. Quality and innovation are constantly preserved, in terms of natural ingredients and unique packaging. The product range is designed to transform every dish to a new flavour experience.


Spices in:

• Pouches (2gr – 50gr)
• Mills (20gr – 45gr)
• Glass Jar (30gr – 40gr)
• Tins (35gr – 65gr)
• Olive Oil (80 ml)
• Professional (400gr - 900gr)

 Salt in Mills (45gr – 90gr)
 Herbs in Glass Jars (15gr – 65gr)
 Herbal Teas in Glass Jars (20gr – 80gr)


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