Sweet Preserves

The spoon sweet preserve is a Greek custom, offered to guests as a symbol of hospitality. It is called "spoon sweet" because the size of the sweet is no bigger than a tea spoon.

This traditional delight is made of natural fruits or vegetables, slowly boiled with sugar, in order to create syrup. They are preserved in glass jars, allowing them to maintain their original color, sweet taste and exceptional aroma.

They are traditionally offered on a small cut crystal dish, but can also be ideal toppings on ice cream, yogurt, pastries or cakes.


Our supplier follows the genuine recipes and traditional production process. All ingredients are natural, selected only from certified farmers. Fruits and vegetables are washed, cut and cooked by hand, complied with the strictest quality controls. An authentic journey of traditional taste!



• Cherry • Apple • Pistachio
• Quince • Apricot • Blueberry
• Mandarin • Plum • Mixed Berries
• Bergamot      • Watermelon • Chestnut
• Orange • Fig • Carrot
• Grape • Strawberry • Sour Cherry
• Lemon • Wild Grapefruit • Rose Petals


Glass jar


280gr - 460gr -1300gr


HACCP (ΕU 852/2004), for Food Safety & Quality



2012 - Voted amongst the 100 best products by Greek consumers

Private Label