Wine is considered as one of the five key elements of the Greek diet and is closely associated with Greek culture, tradition, even religion. There is evidence that wine was first introduced in Greece around 4000 BC to the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations. Ancient Greeks believed that wine was the nectar of the gods and worshiped Dionysus as god of wine.

Modern Greeks have become much more sophisticated in their wine drinking and production. The favorable soil and climate conditions of Greece allowed the widespread culture of the vineyards. As a result, several wine varieties are made of blends from top quality grapes, allowing a distinctive aroma and flavor in every taste.


The vineyard of our supplier is located in Ancient Nemea (Korinthia), a region known as the "Bordeaux of Southeast Europe", with vineyards of 27,000 acres and more than 30 major wineries. Nemea’s grown Aghiorghitiko grape, one of the most important and versatile varieties, gives excellent wines Appellation of Origin Nemea OPAP quality.



• White Dry
• Rose Dry
• Red Dry - Nemea V.Q.P.R.D, 12 month maturity
• Red Dry - Nemea V.Q.P.R.D, 24 month maturity


Glass bottle of 750ml


HACCP - ISO 22000:2005


Silver Medal 2012 – Concours Mondial Bruxelles

Private Label